Sunday, March 18, 2018

B1/B2 Licensed Engineer

Overall Role Purpose
To carry out maintenance, repair, modifications and alterations to customer or company owned, leased or operated aircraft.
Specific Role Context

Technical role with authorization to release aircraft back to service for which he is legally entitled to certify.
Specific Role Challenges

Maintaining  highest possible technical DRR whilst assessing multiple factors surrounding  aircraft serviceability.


- Ensure that aircraft maintenance is performed to the highest standards and at all times in compliance with applicable and approved data.
- Assist in “On-the-job” training of mechanics and trainees in the performance of their duties.
- Responsible for the written and verbal communication of information from his shift to the succeeding shift to ensure a satisfactory level of continuity and safety with regard to work in progress (or pending) with respect to aircraft, equipment, personnel and safety.
- Be responsible for requisitioning of parts from stores, assuring serviceability of parts, completion of appropriate tags, return of parts to stores and assuring that required forms and documents are properly completed.
- Ensure that all maintenance related documentation is properly actioned and completed.
- Keep up-to-date on all applicable regulations, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives and manufacturer’s service letters and other pertinent publications.
- Shall ensure that safety precautions and safe practices are adhered to and practiced by those personnel under his direction. Reporting any unsafe conditions or equipment to the Line Manager.
- Ensure that company owned and/or operated maintenance and ground support equipment is operated and maintained in safe and operable condition. All GSE defects to be documented and reported to the GSE mechanic.
- Ensure that all line maintenance areas are kept in a neat and orderly manner at all times.
- Will be required to act on behalf of Line Supervisor or Line Manager as required.
- Inputting of all relevant aircraft Tech Log and Work Order information including component changes into the TRAX computer maintenance program and the writing of concise shift turnover reports.
- Provide Flying Spanner Support when required.
- To provide AD HOC Aircraft AOG recovery support when required.
- Support Fleet Operations at outstations when required.
·    Line Manager

·    Fleet Manager                                 

·    Stores personnel                              

·    Production Planning Manager         

·    Quality Assurance Manager            

·    Chief Inspector
·    Must be able to analyse and troubleshoot aircraft systems and engines utilising knowledge learnt from individual aircraft type courses, maintenance manuals and references, and experience gained from “hands on” practical OJT. 

·    Must be able to make timely and appropriate decisions based on problem solving ability and experience. Remains objective and co-ordinates with relevant departments, even when under pressure, to make a calculated decision with considerations given to safe ‘on time performance’ of the company fleet.

·   Must be able to prioritise work requirements based on fleet arrivals, departures and scheduled maintenance. Monitor progress throughout shift, anticipate problems and adjust work or schedule to ensure optimum serviceability at all times. Including flying technical support when called upon.

Must be able to communicate assertively, effectively and diplomatically with flight crew, flight dispatchers, ground handling personnel and senior management, as required.                 
Expected years of experience

·    Must have a minimum of 5 years aircraft maintenance experience, excluding  apprenticeship or basic training.

Educational  Qualifications
·    Must  be a licensed, certifying and company approved engineer on the principal  types operated.
·    Must have a valid  unrestricted  EASA / BCAA B1/ B2 license, with type rating on B757 with RB211 engine and B767 with GE engines.


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