Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gulf Insurance Institute

This is a junior management role reporting to the CEO with key responsibilities to execute an e-Marketing and Communciations plan to generate leads and business opportunities for GII’s knowledge and membership services. This will entail taking responsibility for and performing all tasks connected with email marketing, CRM systems, social and business networking sites, virtual community building, and all forms of electronic and print media.
The e-Marketing and Communications Specialist must demonstrate a high degree of initiative, creativity and motivation to ensure the effectiveness of the Institute’s e-Marketing and communication strategy. He or she will work collaboratively with our customer relationship managers and the training department to generate revenue and high quality service to our customers.
Responsibilities and Tasks
►  Create an e-Marketing and Communications plan, budget and expected ROI, obtain approval from management and execute the plan.
►   Program and execute all email marketing campaigns to promote the institute’s training events in a professional and timely manner through the use of the institute’s CRM system.This includes, but not limited to the following tasks:
  • Creating, entering, maintaining and profiling lead data in the CRM from industry directories, websites, search engines, tradeshows, business meetings, contacts with the companies, enquiries etc.
  • Compose and develop emails in HTML as appropriate.
  • Schedule and send email blasts and maintain a detailed email marketing calendar in order to prioritize mailings and identify schedule conflicts and issues.
  • Ensure that the company brand and corporate quality standards are met throughout the organization’s emails.
  • Ensure email content is compelling, effective and professional in accordance with International best practices.
  • Working closely with the training department on product and program content to ensure accuracy, timeliness and correctness.
  • Manage bounced emails, subscriptions and unsubscribe requests.
►  Maintain, upgrade and update the Institute’s corporate website, e-learning site.
  • Update corporate information using CMS.
  • Update course data and flyers in corporate website.
  • Maintain on-line booking functionality.
  • Perform and execute SEO to generate hits.
  • Monitor the security, availability and integrity of the sites and take appropriate timely action in this regard where necessary
  • Collaborate with the e-learning specialist and the training department to deliver elearning services to the institute’s customers.
  • Liaise with web developers to ensure an effective and professional design
  • Perform basic platform and hosting maintenance.
►   Perform and execute the Institute’s social media strategy
  • Create and administer accounts on social media sites
  • Create and update content including timely announcement of events.
  • Generating interest in and membership of the institute’s social media accounts
  • Proactively deal with enquiries and opportunities that arise from social media accounts.
  • o Monitor and protect the security and integrity of the sites
►   Produce creative artwork for the Institute’s brochures and flyers both in digital form and for printing and mailing.
►  Produce newsletters, write news articles and corporate communications and disseminate them over the internet.
►  Plan and execute the Institute’s internet advertising campaign
  • Identify opportunities for advertising on appropriate sites
  • Provide costs and budget for approval of management
  • Execute campaign
  • Monitor Return on Investment
► Maintain all eMarketing metrics (which include but are not limited to open rates, bounce rates, click through rates, ratio of effort to actual sales, website visits, interest in social media accounts etc.) and provide weekly, reporting to the CEO and management.
•  BSc or advanced diploma in business information systems or marketing.
•  Fluency and excellent writing skills in English and in Arabic.
•  Ability to multi-task, manage multiple priorities, and meet multiple deadlines.
•  Ability to understand and communicate technical software-related information.
•  Ability to work well independently and as part of a team.
•  Very good knowledge and experience with technology that will ensure performance of the objectives.
Key performance indicators
⇒  Successful execution of the eMarketing and Communication plan
⇒  Measuring performance against both activity standards and results standards.
⇒  Growth in sales initiated from eMarketing campaigns
⇒  Volume and accuracy of the database on which marketing campaigns are based.
⇒  Customer feedback
⇒  Quality of the Institute’s communication and promotion materials.
⇒  Contribution to the overall success of the achievement of the Institute’s objectives.
If you believe you can make a contributing interest to the GIII Team , please send a copy of your CV together with a cover letter that highlights your suitability for the applied position by mail or email to: 

Maria Isabel Hernandez
Secretary to the Chief Executive
PO Box 75708 Kingdom of Bahrain


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